Gibbc Network is committed to excellence in every phase of our video camera and CCTV system installation and support. We install the highest quality system and are available to respond quickly to perform required repairs and maintenance.We install high quality security cameras, video surveillance systems and CCTV equipment specific to your needs. As technology evolves, we evolve. We are constantly testing and implementing the newest proven camera technology available.  Surveillance cameras and DVR systems with remote Internet viewing are our specialty.

Security cameras should:

  • Depict a clear image in high resolution, day or night
  • Be positioned strategically to maximize the likelihood of capturing a clear image
  • Currently, two different camera technologies exist: analog cameras and IP cameras.
  • Analog Cameras are cameras that communicate with a recorder using an analog signal along a video cable. This technology has been around for years and remains popular.
  • IP Camera Systems are digital and lend themselves to a variety of computerized applications. The signals can be analyzed by software algorithms and the cameras can send an alarm trigger if any rule is violated.

We perform Video Surveillance and CCTV System Installation, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Services.